Monday, 29 April 2013

New Review: 28 April found at the Poetry Library, London - another positive review of Strange Horses, one I hadn't seen before. Had it photocopied and added to Reviews page today. It was published by Orbis Quarterly International Poetry Journal last year.

Also really enjoyed the graffiti undercroft art space at the South Bank Centre - fantastically colourful and inclusive and  full of kids skateboarding and cycling; Norman Parkinson's elegant and beautiful photos and of course, Alan Bennett's 'People', the closest thing to Swift's 'A Modest Proposal' I've come across in art.. not really my news, but had to mention all this! Super birthday treat!
20 April: Pleased to be guest poet at a concert given by Voice Box choir at St Barnabas Church, Jericho for the charity Freedom from Torture. Did a set in each half of the performance. Great singing, a good evening and an important cause!
Quadrant: Spring Issue 2013: two poems published. Pleased to be placed on a page together with Les and Dennis Driscoll.
Oxford Magazine 8th week Hilary term: commissioned essay on Strange Horses published in Oxford Poetry. A really interesting and positive piece called 'The Tailor Retailoring'. Can be found on Reviews page.
4, March 2013: New Statesman accepts poem 'Paying off the Mortgage'. Still to be published.
February - University of Oxford welfare weekend, Saturday pm - invited into Balliol College by the editors of their undergraduate Magazine 'Scrawl'  to do a workshop with students - a full rewarding session further enlivened by the presence of Chlamydia researchers, so students dashing through the other end of the room to the toilets to do samples! It all became joyously surreal.

A really good group - enjoyed it. Coming out of the JCR, looked up amazed, to see the Hall on a hill so beautiful. Crocuses as well! I never knew in all these years that this magic was there behind St Giles!  
Nought week Hilary Term - poem 'Ship in the Night' dedicated to Bernard O'Donoghue published in Oxford Magazine  - all patterning destroyed during publication - an apology received end of term, for which I'm grateful. Poem as it should to be found here on website under New Work.
13 January, 2013 - I read at Albion Beatnik Bookshop, Jericho, Oxford, with several of my students. The bookshop was packed and I was very proud of all the readers, some of whom had never read before and all of whom were interesting to listen to!