Thursday, 24 July 2014


Pavlopetri. last week I gave permission for my poem, 'Pavlopetri' to be used by Greek conservationists to help save the submerged town-site, the oldest one in the world.

The submerged town is at risk from Greek and foreign tankers --Japanese, Russian, Italian, etc., using Vatika Bay where it is conserved for cleaning their dirty hulls, with the connivance of the Greek Government which collects fees for this activity.

Nic Flemming, who discovered the site, writes today that there is a campaign meeting tonight in Neapolis to build support to lobby the Greek Government about this. Scientists are ready to do a report showing how the site is being damaged by the pollution.

Pavlopetri is very fragile. Once it is gone, it can never be recovered. If anyone can help Nic and the conservationists and scientists trying to save it, please do. If you send me an email on my contact page with your own email address. I'll give the information to Nic and the Greek coordinator.

Better still, if you have clout, just put pressure or lobby yourself.

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