Sunday, 19 October 2014

19 October, 2014

Two Readings coming up soon:

I've been invited to be guest poet at Well Versed in Cheltenham, at the Muffin Club, on Thursday 27 November 2014.

I've also been invited to read to Oxford Stanza 2 on Tuesday 9 December, 2014.

I've accepted both invitations with pleasure!

(BTW, Foot out of both plaster and boot, and six week check past successfully. Broken foot bone healing, sprained ankle and wrist getting better, impact injury to hand and thumb healing. Six more weeks until pain free, but weekly physio needed, but walking on crutches since Friday night!
Might be able to drive in about two weeks.

Beginning to feel a little more human --have begun a poem on falling into a big hole. Needless to say, based on fact!.)

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