Tuesday, 25 November 2014

25 November, 2014

An evening with David Hockney through a live film event downtown. Two hours documentary on his life and work --fascinating except music too loud, followed by an our long live interview from his LA studio.

He's doing reverse perspective and it's revolutionary! Over five hundred years after the vanishing point was discovered in western art in Italy, he shows that in fact the world comes towards us adn perspective widens out as it reaches us.

Once you see how it works, it changes your way of looking forever. Now we haven't got a vanishing point but a shifting viewpoint. That's because it's the digital age. Narrow focus,  targets, in everything are not needed anymore. Widening focus and thought, with inclusiveness and connectivity, as we are not alone or isolated, and infinity ('God') is all around us, and part of us. Of course the East knew a lot of this, but they copied us. Only some have begun to listen to what they once knew.

Amazing stuff. Lots to think about. A women got up next to me, and said 'I love that man'. Older, he's still doing it and learning --that work is all that matters -- I see what she means.

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