Saturday, 21 February 2015

22 January, 2015. My mother's birthday.
Another little musing:

Ive just had the plumber out to fix the new shower which turned out to be turned off at a switch I never knew about and couldnt work anyway --cue hilarity at stupid woman! BUT, I cant work the new TV, or DVD Player. I cant work the new radio which fails to have helpful names on it like BBC3. Ditto the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer who have all given up language on their knobs and buttons. The cooker burns things, the new hob doesn't simmer anything. The toaster is a complete puzzle --why does a toaster need so many settings!!!?. Cant find redial on new house phone; I can't work my iphone. Meanwhile, here on my desktop I struggle with windows 8 .1 which everyone agrees is grim but which I was forced to have at the time. The printer is such a mystery I bang on many buttons to make it stop when I make a printing error --getting it going again is a dark art I will never master..... on FB I gave up long ago trying to deal with their games with my settings. The other week I caused £600 of damage to the electric car windows because I took them down in frost and they're fragile!! They're 'fragile' --does anyone remember wind-up windows which lasted, and were not fragile!! I rather thought people were more fragile than machines. It's bad enough drifting around in a poem fug trying to get the right word, without having to also have three degrees in engineering to make a piece of toast and turn on the radio!! That's it, I'm officially old, but so is everyone over forty! Bah humbug!!

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