Sunday, 26 April 2015

A great day in Cheltenham yesterday, when I read with the superb poet, Martyn Crucefix, a truly generous and lovely guy,

Lovely to see good friends and catch up with some colleagues and family, too. I actually sold 7 books which is quite a feat these days and ordered Martyn's highly respected translation of Rilke's sonnets.

Later, we attended a further reading where the Festival anthology of poems on climate change, Dear World was launched. My contribution to this fascinating looking collection of poems by readers at this year's Festival, is my new title poem, 'The Wilding Eye'.

The festival goes on another 10 days --highly recommended --especially  Michael McKimm reading with Sean O'Brien next w/e. Michael, also a geologist, is a fabulous new young poet on the block, deeply concerned about the planet (he makes rocks actually weep!), and always worth listening to. Fossil Sunshine is his new pamphlet from Worple.

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